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Testimonial For Dr Aires

Recently I asked Dr. Aires to review a case in which I represented a patient who was in the process of bringing a complaint against two dentists for dental malpractice.

Dr. Aires showed a very high level of professionalism and fairness.
He did not agree to represent the plaintiff until he had spent a substantial amount of time reviewing the records to ascertain whether there appeared to be malpractice on the part of the two dentists.
Once Dr. Aires began to evaluate all the records he showed a high level of expertise related to a number of issues in the case. This included his understanding of dental and medical History questionnaires, informed consent,
treatment options, treatment procedures, record keeping, communication with other specialists and practitioners and many other facets related to the standard of dental care.

Dr. Aires was particularly good at explaining complex dental procedures so that I was extremely well informed regarding the treatment options and the treatment performed by the dentists.

It was clear Dr. Aires has a huge amount of clinical experience as well as a long history of being an expert dental witness. Dr. Aires provided valuable insight and opinion which was very helpful in pursuing and ultimately settling the malpractice case in our favor.
Dr. Aires also was proficient working on the computer, reading 3D radiographic scans and writing timely reports as needed.
Dr. Aires’s attention to detail was impeccable.


I would highly recommend Dr. Aires as an expert dental witness.

Jordon Harlan


Ian Aires