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National Dental Implant Lecture Series for Fellow Dentists

The Esthetic Alliance Program is designed to enhance the comfort level of clinicians who routinely utilize dental implants within their dental practice. As part of the Esthetic Alliance Program, attending clinicians are encouraged to provide a case that he or she will restore during the module. The full program is organized into four modules based on the unique treatment indication: missing posterior single tooth, missing anterior single tooth, partially edentulous, and the edentulous arch. Each Module is presented over several sessions in a small group setting, to stimulate interactive learning.

"This lecture series is a great opportunity for dental practitioners to learn how to identify ideal candidates for dental implants, develop their dental implant treatment plan, restore their patient's teeth and most importantly how to overcome any complications," said Dr. Ian Aires, Prosthodontist and co-founder of PermaDontics.

Course Objectives include:

  • Master step-by-step treatment planning and restoration on your own patient.
  • Gain proficiency in diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Transform restorative decision-making and execution into a simple and easy process.
  • Learn how to manage complications.
  • Learn how to gain patient acceptance for implant treatment.
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