Ian Aires
Dental Expert Witness

Published Work

U.S. Patent Number 5779481

A tissue-enhancing adjustable device having an abutment assembly and an coronally adjustable coping assembly adapted to fit virtually all dental implant devices. The coping assembly has a rotatable coping adjuster and a threaded section thereon extending from its bottom toward its top and being in mating cooperation with a threaded bore on the abutment assembly. A tension device on the coping adjuster is adapted to exert tension on the coping assembly in an coronal direction and away from the abutment assembly at all times, particular during the adjustment process. The outer surface of the coping assembly has an annular skirt adjacent to a lower section which is of a roughened texture up to a point above the annular skirt. This facilitates better tissue growth around a post-operative site and permits adherence of tissue to the coping assembly and further permits future coronal adjustments without disturbing the tissue.

Sydney Sharon